by Drop Anchor

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Morts Holy crap, these guys absolutely ROCK!! This is just the kinda thing I've been wanting to hear for some time, and I didn't even know it 'til now! Get rockin' - get everything by Drop Anchor!
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released August 6, 2013

Kevin Mooney - bass, vocals
Matt Buckley - guitar, backing vocals
Brad Holstine - lead guitar
Harold Echols - drums

Pulverized was engineered by Mike Ashmore and Matt Buckley, mixed and mastered by Matt Buckley

released by Dullest Records on August 6th, 2013

album art by Erich Kriebel


all rights reserved



Drop Anchor Souderton, Pennsylvania

Drop Anchor is a 4-piece rock band from the greater Philadelphia, PA area. Drawing from influences such as Alice in Chains, Failure, Torche, and Deftones, this group brings a down-tuned, groovy style and stretches it across modern metal trends to meet with 90s garage rock. The band has shared the stage with many bands including Deftones. ... more

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Track Name: She
only you can make it so, now. face this
I recommend you leave it be
I recollect that you’ve had enough

and when she’s way beyond
you might as well be gone

having no more strength for you, now
don’t wait for change. close off your mind
will left for dead. still have to try
Track Name: Roper
defeated process finds another way
and everybody wants to take your place
forget your past and make the same mistake
never sit back and just take the blame
the same old story plays out everyday
and leaves you there falling on your face
routine disorder wins once again
and all the rules are gone and dead
laughing in the face of the advance

you want it - you want it

it calls your name and then it walks away
it leaves you blind and oblivious
an aimless path just walk it anyway
no matter how it starts it ends the same
a mask you wear to hide it from yourself
this kind of peace comes from nothing else
going further out on a limb
waiting for the games to begin
already lost start it again

you want it - you want it
Track Name: Pulverized
I will take this. and make it mine.
don’t wait for your turn. it won’t come for you.
taking your time. now.
too late now. only dust now. it’s pulverized.
nothing. easy. take it.
no. faith. still.
and I will make this mine. now.

pushing through the mire. once again.
don’t lag far behind. you’ll be left alone.
exit earlier. than now.
this place is. devastated. it’s pulverized.
don’t look. inside. failure.
take. stop. still.
a game to quiet your mind. now.

freezing all this time. and make it.
colder still.
broken bones and all these cuts will heal.
in a way.
I’ll make this mine.
Track Name: Premise and Conclusion
into another way out

stay with you now
hang on
lay & wait for her
and the way she was

in either case its left like that
is this the best that you can do?
a willing face that’s left for dead
a killing kiss won’t take you back
within this space there’s only you
is this the best that you can do?
looking for it no hiding now
just take your time and wait for it
within a breath there’s nothing left
is this the best that you can do?
count down the days where are we now?
just take the chance and let it be
a silent face and you attack
is this the best that you can do?
don’t wait for change make it yourself
is this the best that you can do?

in this complex - anyone waiting for answers will be tired - no longer can you trust in what you know - taking care to choose your words makes no - difference when you’ve already said it all -yeah sometimes you just need to know when its over - this vessel continues on without you - an equation unresolved - the spinning in this circle leaves no answers - probability, clouded - no accountability - just hide your face - just hide your face - just hide your face - just hide your face
Track Name: Unoccupy
It's all been here, now it won't be
Forgotten and left in the distance
The damage has been done no restart
You're walking through the resistance

it won’t feel the same
not this time
it won’t feel the same no
not this time

Don’t take your word its broken
Losing perspective and left numb
Expect a reason there is none
Accepting this truth is a burden

Living your live affected
Everyone here is defeated
Without a thought disregard

Staring into this void
Destroy all thats been safe
Too late the damage has been done
Left with nothing but yourself
Track Name: Balboa
left with fake salvation
resist pain & anguish
looking for the answer
cutting out the disease

no pain without cause
no shame without blame
leave yourself out
no lull that’s it
no shame in our anger.
all changed now
its broken

destroyed land left overt
fighting for the last word
nothings safe or sacred
left with fake salvation